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The Neighborhood Puzzle

East Harlem is a puzzle. And we don’t mean “puzzle” as in a mysterious urban land that is difficult to comprehend (although that is true to a certain degree for every New York neighborhood). No, literally we have a real … Continue reading

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The Murals of La Marqueta

Up at 115th and Park Avenue, some exciting developments are happening at La Marqueta, a long time public market under the Metro-North tracks. We’ll be posting more about this neighborhood landmark in the coming months, but first we thought we’d … Continue reading

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A Big Ups for The Big Map

Here at across106thstreet we absolutely love maps. We go crazy for them. In fact, we’ll just be blunt–we are total cartographic nerds. While some parents work hard all their life so their kids can proudly become doctors, lawyers, or professors, … Continue reading

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Fight Like an Egyptian

Yeah, so I’ve always hated the effing Bangles, but after a days work plus several glasses of lower-middle class Riesling, my brain reached for the obvious. The 106thstreeters have been glued to the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen…Not having access … Continue reading

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