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Exploring the Back Streets of Reykjavík

Reykjavík has become one of the most visited places on the planet with millions of people walking down Laugavegur, the city’s main drag, every year. Today, gleaming new buildings line the waterfront and modern hotels rise across the city. But veer … Continue reading


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Cars in the Modern Metropolis

Cars in New York.  They come close to running you over on the city streets every three blocks, they’re expensive, they pollute the air, they’re really hard to park, and most models produced today are just plain ugly. Just compare … Continue reading

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The Glory Days of Los Angeles Movie Houses

With the 2013 Oscars hoopla behind us, the 106th Streeters were reminded of our recent trip to Los Angeles. On this road trip we spent a day and night tramping all over Downtown L. A., stumbling onto building after building … Continue reading

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Grand Central Terminal, You Are One Sexy Centenarian

Happy 100th Birthday Grand Central Terminal! We hope you know how much we at 106th Street love you. We also know you barely survived. Over fifty years ago, there were plans to demolish you and build something modern, tall, spectacular. … Continue reading

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Riding Above The Chaos: Roosevelt Island Tram

Am I the only New Yorker that will walk by the Roosevelt Tramway plaza on a Saturday and say to myself, “Hey, I have a MetroCard. I should just jump on real quick and take a ride.” Maybe. But I’m … Continue reading

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