The Bronx is Up

For those of us Uptown, Rooftop Films lives on in the winter months at Bruckner Bar just across the Harlem River in the Bronx. December 2nd’s events sung the praises of said borough with 2 films that reflected the musical genius that lived/lives in The Bronx. The lineup included two documentaries: Danilo Perra’s film, Closeness, about Bronx native jazz musician/tenor saxophonist Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre. It follows McIntyre around the city in a dreamy deep state as he thinks about his new album (after which the film is titled), his life, and his badass (respect, true) amazing wife who keeps him inline, on time, and well-loved. As observed in the film, look for him playing at Grand Central on the 7 train platform…it will be your lucky day.

Second up was White Lines and the Fever: The Death of DJ Junebug. Based on the article by  writer and DJ Mark Skillz (Queens son!), When the Fever was the Mecca (originally published in Wax Poetics), Skillz shares screenwriting credits with filmmaker Travis Senger to create an ass-moving, mind-blowing revelation on (what to those who lived it, including Kurtis Blow, described as) one of the greatest DJs…ever. Skillz and Senger were there to help the audience deal with the fact that we all missed the Bronx when it was truly up (well, perhaps a few there, were there), while the after effects of the free-flowing Stella Artois helped to make it an interactive and riotous Q&A. With special thanks to the born and raised Bronx natives who helped the Rooftoppers understand that the Bronx was the Mecca.  In short, the night was a love poem to the Bronx.

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