Big Apple Love, Worms and All

If you’re into NYC history, or like the 106thstreeters who oft have to quote reliable sources about it, then The Encyclopedia of New York City is that go-to source. One of the coolest museum milers and neighbor to the 106thstreeters, the Museum of the City of New York hosted a sweet little bash to celebrate the coming of the 2nd edition of the tome. And tome it is. Clocking in at 1561 pages of entries from the obvious to the obscure, this book is the NYC cool nerd’s Saturday night for 2011. The charming Kenneth T. Jackson (Columbia University history prof, Ken Burns clutch hitter, and Editor-In-Chief of the encyclopedia) stepped up to remind us how f$@*ing cool we are because we live here. After patting ourselves on the back for being New Yorkers (je t’aime and fuck you into simultaneous infinitum), we sauntered towards the free-flowing wine (and small bites for those who have eyes for things other than booze). The book made its debut while the successful and yearning-to-be-successful rubbed shoulders, purchased the discounted bible, and waited in the receiving line. Mr. Jackson and Executive Editor Lisa Keller were gracious (and libatious!) hosts and signed books for posterity. Ours reads, “El Barrio forever.”

Kenneth Jackson, Lisa Keller, fur coat woman, and some lucky bastard. C. Nelson, 2010.

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