Groove is in the New Year

Never ones to succumb New Year party peer pressure, the 106thstreeters headed out to Williamsburg to enjoy New Year celebrations one night early at Zebulon. How could we resist a line up of a few of our favorite musical things? DJs/Good Records NYC crew, DJ Lihn & Jonny Paycheck laid down music from Brasil, Africa, Latin America, and Jamaica for the price of a whiskey, beer, or herbal tea (as some in-house were drinking, hopefully spiked). While a strange crew of Billyburg kidz attempted to wow us/confuse us with handstands and strange gyrating/trashy stripper impersonations a la some creepy Patrick Dempsey/Demi Moore Hollywood shit flicks, the music was the star of the night. The music was gorgeous as was the vibe. In a mere four hours, we were able to start our New Year’s resolutions early: drink more; listen to the best music as yet created on the planet; and support local businesses that are worthy of what little money we can contribute in these hard times. Now that’s a good start to 2011.

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