La Lovely Tropezienne

Here at across106thstreet we’re big fans of great baked goods. Fanatics really. Do you know anyone else who would travel many neighborhoods away just to pick up a banana chocolate chip muffin from a fish market? Didn’t think so. Luckily, we don’t always have to travel so far to satisfy our morning sweet tooth. Right down the street on First Avenue is the amazing La Tropezienne (2131 1st Ave b/w 109th & 110th). Open nice and early at 6 am, this place has a steady stream of locals and cabbies darting in and out all day until it’s 8 pm closure. One of the most popular items is the buttered bread. Just a simple, classic baguette smeared with lots of butter–you can never go wrong ordering it. The light and crunchy bread, paired with the creamy butter, makes a great combo. Late in the day the bread starts running out, so go in the morning to secure a baguette, ciabatta, wheat bread, or Viennoise. Other savory items include homemade quiche and ham (or spinach) and cheese croissants. If we’re in the mood for an evening treat, we’ll stroll over after work to pick up dessert–like an eclair, an opera, or lemon tart. Although the savory and dessert items taste great, we must confess that our real love is for the fantastic, affordable pastries. Raspberry croissants,  cinnamon twists with icing, apple turnovers, apricot danishes…they’re all worth raving about. But we highly recommend the most excellent Almond Turc. It’s huge, baked to eggy perfection, and filled with an addictive almond paste. The best part is that it’s only $2.50 and will easily feed two people. With a cup of good coffee, there’s no better way to start your day. In fact, it’s so good we’d even trek all the way downtown for it. Luckily, we don’t have to. There’s no better recommendation than that.

The unassuming store front hides a pastry wonderland. C. Nelson, 2011.

You could spend hours contemplating the dessert case. C. Nelson, 2011.

We love their sign. But we've yet to see a gentleman on a bicycle delivering bread. That would be amazing. C. Nelson, 2011.


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