Take the A Train (actually, take the M2 bus)

Those in the know already know about the supremely lovely Marjorie Eliot, jazz pianist and host to one of the best live jazz shows you’ll ever live. On Sundays at 4pm, there’s nothing better than heading way uptown to Sugar Hill where the jazz flows freely. That said, we here at 106th Street have an easy commute to 555 Edgecombe Avenue via what we call the Jazz Express. It’s just a quick shuffle across 106th Street to Madison Avenue where the M2 chariots its Harlem menagerie to the door steps of some the best live jazz clubs in NYC: Minton’s Playhouse, Perk’s, Showman’s, Shrine, and  St. Nick’s. Truth be told, the M3 is just as good. Better yet, take the M2 uptown and the M3 downtown. You won’t miss a beat.

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