Beats For Your Week – Marriage is so Gay!

Marriage is so Gay.” I saw that on a t-shirt! Ha! Just when you thought the troglodytes who fight against securing civil and equal rights for all people in the United States were getting the upper hand, those of us who actually understand the meaning of civil rights strode ahead into the ethical (and equal) side of history. Plus, who can resist an open bar, white cake, and Deee Lite? Not us here at 106th Street! So, Beats For Your Week goes out to all those in the great state of New York who now have the (equal) right to marry, with or without G*d(s). Thank you to those in the New York State Legislature, the New York State Senate , and to Governor Cuomo who voted for or fought for this historic bill!

For me there are two obvious choices for celebrating love: Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. Now, they can also inspire inner, social, and cultural revolution, but for this week let them speak to love, being loved, showing love, feeling love, and getting love…

If you haven’t seen Super Fly yet, then your life is far from fulfilled. And, if you haven’t seen the sexy love montage to Mayfield’s “Give Me Your Love”, then you are missing out on 1.) cinematic history and 2.) a great inspiration to give someone your love.

Now, continue with  Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful”…just listen to Al.

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