Coney Island Trifecta

Dusk along Steeplechase Pier. C. Nelson, 2011.

If you’re wondering what to do for your last days of summer in NYC, look no further than the winning combination of the Coney Island trifecta–riding the Cyclone, eating Totonno’s pizza, and drinking at Ruby’s. The 106thstreeters, along with a couple of our favorite F-train dwelling friends, set out on a recent Wednesday evening intent on savoring the last days of summer, as well as the last days of the Coney Island stalwart bar, Ruby’s, before it closes its doors once and for all. Leaving after work, we rode the F train to the boardwalk and headed straight to the Cyclone, where we boarded immediately, took our seats in the first car, and nearly had a private ride.

Before the whiplashing. C. Nelson, 2011.

Yeah, remain seated if you can. C. Nelson, 2011.

Diving straight down into what felt like sure death, we only sustained the usual minor whiplashing the Cyclone gives all its riders, and a minute-and-a-half later we were back on the boardwalk heading over to Totonno’s salivating over the fact that we would soon be eating some of the best pizza in the city.

Waiting for the pies inside Totonno's. C. Nelson, 2011.

A quick pit stop at Best Buy Liquors for some free wine tasting and a few adult beverages to accompany our al fresco pizza dining along Steeplechase Pier, we ordered two classic pies: one margherita and one pepperoni.

Left, pepperoni. Right, margherita. C. Nelson, 2011.

With our perfectly charred pizzas, we walked back over to the boardwalk, where we dined just under the protection of the Parachute Jump, listening to the rhythm of the waves as they lapped the Coney Island sands.

Parachute Jump, sans jumping. C. Nelson, 2011.

As night grew on, we hoofed it down the boardwalk to Ruby’s for a nightcap, knowing that soon this neighborhood would be changed for ever as the businesses along the boardwalk would be torn down in order to “improve” what doesn’t need improving.

Ruby, my dear. C. Nelson, 2011.

Ruby’s will only be there until October so go now for one last drink or two or three. And don’t forget to plug the jukebox–it may be the most challenging musical experience you will ever have.

To Ruby's, with love. C. Nelson, 2011.

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