Beats For Your Week – Jorge Ben…Feliz aniversário!

Here at 106th Street, there is always music. From the men outside the bodega near Lex and 107th playing congas, to the guy blasting music from his apartment somewhere mid-way on 105th so it carries across White Playground way uptown, to right here at across106thstreet. As mentioned a time or two, music is key to keeping a happy home–and Jorge Ben is always here keeping the harmony. Nope, East Harlem is not known for its Brasilian beats or Bossa Nova, but here at 106th Street it’s the clave that connects it all.

Today (March 22) is Jorge Ben’s birthday (1942-). From his first album, Samba Esquema Novo in 1963, to África Brasil in 1976, to in between and beyond, this music is brilliant. Truly and with love. We’ll be seeing you in Brasil, 2014, yes?

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1 Response to Beats For Your Week – Jorge Ben…Feliz aniversário!

  1. I’m just discovering your blog. Very cool! I need to get to 106th Street and do a post from there. Any suggestions on where to go?

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