Baseball Fever – Dodger Stadium

We here at 106th Street are always excited when April 1 rings in the start of baseball season. Thankfully, the Boys of Summer return each year to bring us hours and hours of our favorite slow, methodical sport that seems to go against everything that is revered in this 24/7 world. We get a change to stop, relax, watch, and contemplate a sport where every pitch means something and every ball in play can be interpreted and recorded by each watcher, especially if they’re scoring the game. Sadly, nearly every one of our MLB fields today reflect that part of the modern world that requires infinite stimulation, and in our opinion goes against everything that is the game of baseball. We say, leave the racing boat/car videos, fan cams, and non-stop feedings to our faster sports, and bring back the organs, peanut sellers, and fans that actually watch the play on the field! Only a few of the original, classic ballparks are left and who knows how long until they’ll be destroyed or changed beyond recognition. Here’s to Fenway Park (1912) and Wrigley Field (1914)! We also love Dodger Stadium, which at 51 years old is the 3rd oldest MLB ballpark after Fenway and Wrigley. Last summer, the 106thstreeters made a pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium where this one-o-sixer’s SoCal mom rang in the opening season in 1962.

IMG_0287 IMG_0288

IMG_0259 IMG_0258

IMG_0280 IMG_0286

IMG_0272 IMG_0269

[all photos by Craig W. Nelson, 2012]

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