Graffiti Hall of Fame: Welcome to H-A-R-L-E-M


One of the highlights of living in East Harlem is all of the street art on view, and I always look forward to walking by the The Graffiti Hall of Fame (at 106th and Park) on the way to Central Park. The murals change a few times a year, and recently over Labor Day weekend, a new batch of freshly painted graffiti went up. The art is always mind-blowing, but this time the TatsCru captured a slice of the neighborhood across an entire wall in a totally unique way. Here’s an up close look at each letter.



About Craig Nelson

Exploring, cooking, drinking, riding the subway, bowling...a writer and editor based in New York. I'm a city lover who edits the blog for EuroCheapo, writes for, tweets for NFT, explores for Spotted By Locals and has worked at various small companies like Google (for a gig at Zagat and Google Maps). In my free time, I like to create projects like this: Chinatown Chow Down NYC. Feel free to drop a line at or on twitter at @across106th.
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