Beats For Your Week – Happy Mardi Gras!

There is no place else the 106thstreeters wish they could be on Mardi Gras Day than in New Orleans. Damn! what is up with those ticket prices to NOLA from NYC?!? Though we here at 106th Street know that New Orleans is one of the most mind-blowing cities on this great planet, we doubt the airlines know that not everyone goes to NOLA to vomit on Bourbon Street or go to Jazzfest once a year. Come on airlines, let’s have some affordable fares between NOLA and NYC. We are two cities that love each other and our relationship is hurting because of you. Though absence does make the heart grow fonder…

We know you in NOLA are doing it up right today. We wish we could be there to see the Zulus, amazing live shows, pretty chiefs…WWOZ is letting us pretend we’re there; we’re also listening to Home of the Groove/ HOTG Internet Radio for the best of NOLA R&B and Funk/Mardi Gras Indian classics…

Happy Mardi Gras T & S!

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