The Glory Days of Los Angeles Movie Houses

With the 2013 Oscars hoopla behind us, the 106th Streeters were reminded of our recent trip to Los Angeles. On this road trip we spent a day and night tramping all over Downtown L. A., stumbling onto building after building of jaw dropping architecture. Propelled by our realization that each block could harbor a formerly grand movie house with its darkened marquee just waiting to be brought back to life, we took some quick snapshots of these grand dames to remind us to come back soon and do better photographic justice to these remembrances of cinema’s past. Let’s hope that these architectural gems will be preserved and restored, and that this historic neighborhood will return to its bustling and lively self.

IMG_0298 IMG_0297

IMG_0302 IMG_0296

IMG_0295     IMG_0303

IMG_0305     IMG_0304

IMG_0299     IMG_0294

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