Sally’s Apizza & Frank Pepe: A New Haven Pizza Pilgrimage

Sallys Pizza 5

A medium plain mozzarella pie at Sally’s Apizza can easily feed three hungry diners.

Pizza. While many Americans declare pizza to be an unhealthy obsession, I can eat it almost every night of the week. In fact, the one time we visited Napoli, Italy, we did just that, eating one Neapolitan pie per day for five days straight at legendary spots like Da Michele and Di Matteo. And now that I’ve finally visited Sally’s Apizza in New Haven, I can safely say I would eat there five days in a row with no problem at all.

To get to the point: The plain mozzarella pie at Sally’s is one of the best pizzas that I’ve ever had. Oblong in shape but perfect in taste with a beautiful and crisp crust, tangy sauce and bubbling cheese. And the pizzeria oozes old-school charm with 1970s booths,  no-nonsense waiters, and prices that make the wait worthwhile.

Sallys Dining Room

The old-school dining room of Sally’s Apizza. Photo: Craig Nelson

Sallys Menu

The tomato pies are the way to go at Sally’s. Photo: Craig Nelson

Pepes Clam Pie 3

A medium White Clam Pizza at Frank Pepe in New Haven. Photo: Craig Nelson

If you’re still hungry, just walk down the block to Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and get in line. The atmosphere and menu are a little more modern (think salads and bright lighting), but the pizza is still old-world, especially the White Clam pie. Plump, freshly shucked clams are piled on top of melted grated cheese and garlic on a crunchy crust that’s been wood fired. It’s a simple yet brilliant combination that brings out the brininess of New England shellfish.

Pepes Dining Room

The dining room booths at Frank Pepe. Photo: Craig Nelson

Pepes Oven

The brick oven at Frank Pepe. Photo: Craig Nelson

Pepes Sign 2

The scene outside of Frank Pepe on a Saturday night. Photo: Craig Nelson

Before you think it’s a big trek or the train tickets will throw your budget off, think about this: two round-trip MetroNorth tickets from Grand Central to New Haven Union Station and a medium plain mozzarella pie at Sally’s with a couple of beers puts your total bill under $100. That’s still cheaper than a regular dinner in modern day Manhattan!


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