Scenes from Bulgaria: Plovdiv, Sofia & the Rhodope Mountains

Kosovo Village

The lovely village of Kosovo, Bulgaria nestled in the Rhodope Mountains.

This past year I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Bulgaria for the first time. Thanks to a trip arranged by the Kosovo Houses (check out my profile of this mountain retreat on EuroCheapo), I was able to explore the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, the charming city of Plovdiv (where I stayed at Guest House Old Plovdiv), and the vibrant capital city of Sofia.

Another bonus of Bulgaria are the very low costs. If you had the chance to backpack around Europe in the 1990s like I did, you’ll feel like you’re on a trip back in time with beers for $1 and good hotel rooms for $30 or less. Both Plovdiv and Sofia have fantastic walking tours that I highly recommend — check out Free Plovdiv Tour and Free Sofia Tour for more information.

Here are just a few of the scenes I wandered upon during my trip. With warm people and stunning scenery both in the countryside and cities, you should add Bulgaria to your travel list in 2017.

Wonderful Bridges

The Wonderful Bridges, a magnificent rock formation in the Rhodope Mountains.

Plovdiv View

Overlooking historic Plovdiv from one of the highest points in the city.

Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv

The Plovdiv Regional Ethnographic Museum is housed in a mansion from 1847.

The Guards in Sofia

The guards in front of the Bulgarian Presidential Offices.

Communist Headquarters

The former Communist Party headquarters in Sofia.


Walking up a stone path towards Kosovo Houses.

Bachkovo Monastery.JPG

The Bachkovo Monastery that dates back to 1083.

Asenovgrad Fortress.JPG

Asenovgrad Fortress perched high in the Rhodope Mountains.


Guest House Old Plovdiv offers charming and affordable rooms.


A tram running through Sofia.


Ancient Roman ruins near the central mosque in Sofia.

Sofia Scene.JPG

Walking from the train station to central Sofia.

Waterfall Rhodope Mountains.jpg

Hiking past a beautiful waterfall in the Rhodope Mountains.

Mountain Chapel.jpg

A stone chapel in the mountains above Kosovo village.


A relaxing afternoon at the charming Kosovo Houses.




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1 Response to Scenes from Bulgaria: Plovdiv, Sofia & the Rhodope Mountains

  1. risabuzatova says:

    Stunning photos and it’s lovely to welcome a new Bulgarophile to the world. Thanks for sharing your great trip to one of my favorite places.

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